Installing a wood insert into a masonry fireplace

As with any installation, the first step in installing your wood insert is to be sure that your masonry chimney is structurally safe. Using a flashlight inspect the interior of the chimney to be sure there are no obstructions.

The height of the chimney will need to be determined. Measure from the top of the chimney down to the fireplace opening where the insert will be located. Be sure to consult with local codes when determining where your insert will be located.

Measure for a fireplace insert

After determining the length of pipe needed, you will then straighten out the liner, insulate it and then can begin inserting it into the chimney from the top down. In some cases you may need to attach a rope on the bottom end. By having a second person at the bottom with this rope they can help guide the liner around the smoke shelf. Once the liner is inserted all the way to the firebox, you are ready to attach the insert.


Always be sure to consult with the manufacturers installation instructions. However, there are a couple different ways that the wood stove can be connected.

The wood insert will be connected to the flexible liner with an appliance connector. This connector will connect to the bottom of the flex liner and into the top of the insert. Consult your manufacturers recommendations for hooking up your wood insert. Keep in mind that each situation is different and some applications may require additional adapters.Adapters and components

Sometimes the insert has a rear vent where the flue gases exit horizontally. Or you may be installing a wood stove on the hearth and want to use the fireplace chimney. You will need a "tee" kit instead of an appliance connector. This is a component that makes the 90 degree turn into the stove.

What is the difference between a "tee" kit and an insert kit?

Once your bottom termination is complete and the liner is securely fastened to the top of the insert, push it into the fireplace to its' permanent position. Now your top termination must be completed.

Install the top plate by placing a bead of silicone caulk around the top of the masonry crown or clay liner. Using tap con screws, fasten the top plate to the chimney. Trim off any excess pipe. Last, install the rain cap.Top plate instructions

Your wood insert is now vented into a stainless steel liner. Be sure to maintain your liner according to the manufacturer guidelines. Purchase a wood insert. Home: The DIY Chimney Repair Resource