Why Fireplaces

Rapidly rising fuel costs are perhaps the biggest reason why fireplaces are a hot commodity. There are other reasons but there is an increased demand for more affordable and efficient ways to warm our homes.

One of the most inexpensive renewable energy resource is firewood. Because of the many benefits of using wood to heat, various types of fireplaces have become very popular.

Fireplaces have to meet several criteria in addition to heating a home. Energy efficiency, attractive inside and add to the overall outside look. You might say they need to not only heat a room, they must also heat a heart.

Why Fireplaces

The reasons people want a fireplace are many and varied. Perhaps the list below will add to some of your personal reasons for wanting one.

  • Aesthetics
  • Energy independence (if the electric goes out, you can still light a fire)
  • High efficiency (highly effective at actually heating the area they are designed to)
  • Stored radiant heat (some forms of fireplaces keep giving off heat long after the fire is out)
  • radiant heat ( fireplace heat is similar to sun light in that they heat objects more so than the air. This makes their heat more comfortable.There are both indoor and out door fireplaces.They are made of clay, stone, cast iron, metal and other materials.There are zero clearance fireplace inserts that are used to enhance the heating of homes and make the fireplace more efficient.What ever the reason why fireplaces are right for you, there is are some more important aspects to consider.Heat OutputWhat is the return on your investment?
  • Fireplace Chimney Maintenance

    What is the maintenance required of a fireplace chimney?

    Fireplace Safety Tips

    you need to know.

    Chimney Anatomy

    Whether you are building it yourself (DIY) or having someone else, knowing the anatomy will help you get the best quality system available.

    Chimney Liner Metal looks at the best metal for a chimney liner.

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