Top plate instructions

The following are the instructions for installing the top plate and rain cap.

Once the bottom termination is complete and your connection and appliance are at the desired location, the top termination must be completed.

If the terracotta, which is the orange clay or existing liner, is above the crown about 2 inches and in good condition you can purchase a terracotta top plate. This is designed to mount to the terracotta with four set screws. This plate is quick and easy to do.

If the terracotta is deteriorated or cracked, simply break it off flush, being careful not to break the crown. The crown of the chimney is the concrete part at the top. It should have an overhang to help shed the water away from the chimney. Once this is done place a bead of silicone caulk around the crown and position the plate. Once in position, use a tap con screw and secure each corner down. Tap con screws can be found in any hardware store in the masonry supply section. (tap cons are optional, but recommended.)

When the top plate is secure to the crown, pull up on the liner removing as much slack as possible. Then using a 5/16 nut driver, tighten the hose clamp band around the collar. This will secure the liner. Cut any excess liner flush with the collar using a hack saw.

Last, the rain cap is installed over the collar of the plate. Using your nut driver, tighten down the rain cap.

Your top termination is now complete.

Now if you do not like the standard rain cap that comes with the liner kit, you can always have a deluxe top termination. The deluxe top termination plate and cap combo have everything in one. The plate and cap are built as one piece and are much better looking than the standard round rain cap.

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