What are Pellet Stoves?

Pellet stoves are usually a free standing appliance that is used for a residential source of heat. It burns compressed wood or bio-mass pellets.

By slowly feeding fuel from a hopper into a burn pot area, this stove burns a flame that requires little to no physical adjustment. They are very versatile with some being self igniting, thermostatically controlled and remote ready.

When properly cleaned and maintained, it will create little or no creosote. The fuel from this stove burns very clean and will create only a fine layer of ash as the by product of combustion. The type of pellet you choose will affect the performance and also the ash out put. If using a lower grade extra maintenance will be required because of the higher ash count.

If a masonry chimney is not available to vent this appliance. It can be vented horizontally through an outside wall and terminated below any roof line. It is recommended using a certified double wall venting in either 3" or 4" diameter. This vent should consist of a stainless steel interior and a galvanized exterior.

More on Heating and Venting systems

Because of the forced exhaust system, it does not usually require a vertical venting system. It can however be vented into an existing masonry chimney using a flexible stainless steel liner. If the chimney is over 15' in length a 4" liner must be used. Consult your manufacturers manual for correct sizing recommendations.

Types of Chimneys

How does the pellet stove operate?

The operation of a pellet stove consists of several components:

  • Hopper
  • Auger system
  • Blower fans
  • Fire box
  • Vaccuum pump
  • Main control boxThis heating appliance is electrically driven and only a standard wall outlet is needed.If you will be using your pellet stove as a main source of heat and live in an area with frequent power outages, it is suggested that a back up generator be available in order to ignite your stove.

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