Hot Water Gas Heaters - Best Way to Heat Your Water

When it comes to heating water, there are several different ways to go. The most popular of water heaters are surely hot water gas heaters. This type of heater is the most economical. However, modern technology offers several other options for heating water. Electric and solar heaters are popular on the market. But most people still prefer good old gas water heaters. Is there a reason for it? What are the advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters compared to other types?

Other types of Water Heaters

Hot water gas heater is not your only option. There are several other heaters, you can use where gas supply is not readily available. For example electric water heater is in high demand and many people prefer electric to gas. However, gas water heaters are still the most popular and majority of people who buy heaters, buy gas water heaters.

Instant Hot Water Heaters

A recent invention is a tankless water heater. This type of heater brings you hot water the moment you turn the tap on. As the name suggests tankless heaters have no storage tank for water, they heat it as you use it. They are also called instant heaters. This is very much appreciated by many people because now they can take bath anytime without having to worry of switching on the geyser 20-30 minutes ahead of time. Also if many people take a shower one after the other, an instant water heater is a great advantage - you will not run out of hot water.

Will my chimney handle the gases from an instant hot water heater?

Solar Water Heaters

Solar water heaters are also a great advance in technology. With light capturing panels installed on your roof, solar heaters use the sun as an energy source. So in theory, solar heater is free all together, apart from the initial installation cost. However, the initial cost is very high. And also if there are several cloudy days, your solar water heater stops working.

And still most people prefer gas water heaters, because they are simple and also economical. It is really much cheaper than any of the electric or solar heaters, including tankless varieties.

Gas water heater disadvantages

There are some drawbacks to gas hot water heaters. First, compared to electric heaters they are slow. Second, you can only use a natural gas heater where there is gas supply. But on the bright side, if you want your water cooler, you can turn gas heater down straight away, and get the exact temperature you like.

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