Free Standing Wood Stoves

Wood stoves are used around the world for cooking and heating. The main material used as fuel is firewood. These stoves are available in various forms, shapes, sizes and prices as per the customer's preferences.

An increasing number of options are available to customers as more unique designs and user-friendly models come into being. One such option is the free standing wood stove. As the name suggests, the stove is not attached to any wall or other device for support. It stands freely by itself on a pedestal base or a four-legged stand.

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A free standing wood stove is movable and can be placed almost anywhere the user desires. It has a convenient lower ashtray, which collects the ash that is produced. This can be easily emptied from time to time. These wood stoves are made of heavy plate steel with a firebrick liner inside. The front of the stove has a transparent glass window, which allows the user to observe the burning wood. These transparent front panes are generally made from good quality glass that can tolerate the excessive heat generated by the stove. Many stove manufacturers ensure that they follow the recommended industry standards for safety, quality and performance.

Some manufacturers sell the various parts such as legs and stands separately. This makes it more convenient for users whose stoves might have been damaged with a broken base or stand. Some manufactures provide a warranty on their products ranging from three to five years. Some might also offer lifetime warranties on their free standing wood stoves.

Some of the free standing wood stoves can be fitted with different kinds of pedestals or legs so as to alter their appearance.

A free standing wood stove is perfect for anyone who wants the convenience of a stove without the rigidity of a fixed installation. Home: The DIY Chimney Repair Resource