Fireplace Guidelines

These fireplace guidelines are provided as a general sizing chart for fireplace relining. They were calculated using a 10:1 ratio.

If your chimney exceeds 25' it is recommended you use a 12:1 ratio.This ratio is the square inches of the opening of the fireplace compared to the square inches of the liner.

If your fireplace opening is:

  • Up to 600 square inches a 9" liner is needed.
  • 601 to 760 square inches a 10" liner is needed.
  • 761 to 942 square inches an 11" liner is needed.
  • 943 to 1140 square inches a 12" liner is needed.
  • 1141 to 1356 square inches a 14" liner is needed.
  • 1357 to 1846 square inches a 16" liner is needed.

Example:Your chimney measures 20x30 or 600 square inches. You will need a 9" liner to hold the volume.

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