Fireplace Liner Size Guidelines

This chart is provided as a reference for fireplace liner guidelines. You can use as a size guide for fireplace relining sizing but you will need to confirm your local code.

The guidelines were created using 10/1 ratio. We recommend using a 12/1 ratio for chimney's exceeding 25' tall. This ratio is the square inches of the opening of the fireplace compared to the square inches of the liner.

up to 600 sq. in. 9”

601 to 760 sq. in 10”

761 to 942 sq in. 11”

943 to 1140 sq in 12”

1141 to 1356 sq in. 14”

1357 to 1846 sq in. 16”

Example: 20 X 30 = 600 sq in. A 9” liner is able to handle this amount of volume.

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