Energy Savers to Lower Heating Costs

By following just a few of these energy savers, you can lower your heating bills! Sounds impossible but it's not. Lower heating costs are something that every homeowner looks for. With heating costs soaring each year, why not follow some of these energy savers and see for yourself!

  • By turning your thermostat down by just 5 degrees some real savings will be noticed.
  • Close off and don't heat rooms that are not used daily. Guest rooms, craft rooms, and extra baths can be closed off when not used. This will allow the heat you are paying for to concentrate in the rooms you use daily.
  • By putting a piece of ceramic wool in an unused fireplace flue it will block cold air from coming in and heat from escaping.
  • Have your thermostats re-calibrated or old ones replaced. If replacing your old thermostats go one step more and have the programmable ones installed. These will allow you to automatically decrease furnace use during the times that your family is not home.
  • Check your furnace filter monthly and clean or replace it if necessary. Have your furnace inspected to be sure it is running efficiently.
  • Don't run kitchen exhaust fans or bathroom ventilation fans longer than needed.
  • Have duct work cleaned on a regular basis. Once a year is recommended.
  • Open window coverings on the sunny side of the home to utilize the solar heat.
  • Seal up any air leaks in your home. If you have older windows, use “shrink and seal” covering kits for increased insulation.
  • Inspect and maintain your chimney on a regular basis. If your chimney shows signs of damage such as cracks, moisture or deterioration, consider lining it with a flexible stainless steel chimney liner. This liner may help your heating appliance run more efficiently thus saving your money. Especially if it is a solid burning appliance. Where can I find stainless steel chimney liner? Go to top of Energy Savers The DIY Chimney Liner Resource