What's a chimney relining kit?

A chimney relining kit is made up of different components. It includes the liner, top plate, rain cap, and tee or appliance connector.

Chimney Cap/Rain Cap
Chimney caps, also called rain caps or rain covers, are devices that are installed onto the top of your chimney. The purpose of this cap is to protect your chimney flue from the elements and also helps in preventing down drafts. Many chimney caps are designed with a mesh screen which serves as a spark arrestor and will help contain sparks and cinders which can escape the chimney and land on your roof. This mesh screen also eliminates birds and animals from being able to get inside your chimney.

Chimney caps not only protect the inside of your chimney but are also designed to protect the mortar crown area at the top of the chimney.

Top Plate
The top plate is used at the top of the liner. The liner fits inside the top plate. The top plate is secured to the top of the chimney. A cap/rain cap is then attached to it.

How do I install the top plate?

The tee is used at the bottom of the liner. It is the starting point of the lining systems way to the appliance or stove. It's used when the system needs to make a right angle out of the chimney.How to install a tee

Complete Chimney Relining Kit

Why do I need a chimney cap?

Where can I buy a chimney relining kit?

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