What is a chimney?

A chimney is a system for venting hot exhaust gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside atmosphere. It is typically vertical to ensure that the hot gases flow smoothly.Types of chimneys

Most are tall to increase their draw of air for combustion. They work on the principle of hot air rising. The pressure inside the chimney would be higher than the atmospheric pressure allowing the exhaust in the chimney to be drawn outside to safely remove the deadly gases from inside your home to the outside They are traditionally built of stone, brick or block in both small and large buildings. In earlier days they were made of a simple structure to allow the smoke to exit. Later ones were constructed by placing the bricks around tile liners that helpe keep the flue gases inside the chimney.

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The opening inside the chimney is called the flue. There can be one or more vertical passage ways. These flues may be constructed of terracotta, clay or steel. Purchase a stainless steel relining system

To help prevent debris from entering the chimney, stop animals living in the chimney and help control down drafts, caps are sometimes placed on the top. These caps come in a variety of styles and are most commonly constructed from stainless steel.

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Proper design is needed to accommodate the volume and type of exhaust being emitted by the appliance it serves. This involves correct sizing, adequate height, proper construction and the use of appropriate building materials.

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