Chimney Components

Fireplace Damper

A damper, usually located in the throat of your masonry chimney, is a retractable plate used to control the air flow and smoke in your chimney.

The damper, made mainly with cast iron, is needed so that the heated air from your home does not escape out of the chimney when the fireplace is not in use.

Because cast iron dampers have a metal to metal seal, it can leak whether it is old or new. Leaks are even more likely after a couple years of exposure to heat and/or moisture. A leaky damper can be the cause of elevated heat costs.

How to save money on heating costs

Flue Stretcher Cap
When you have two flues in one chimney and one pulls the exhaust from the other, what do you do?

Well, one quick and easy solution is to use a Flue Stretcher Cap. They come in sizes of 1' or 2'. They simply allow you to in effect stretch one flue above the other far enough to prevent the cross over of flue gases. Flue stretchers come in both stainless steel and copper and will fit all the common sizes of flues. It's simple, it's easy, and it works.

By increasing the effective height of the flue the flue stretcher cap solves two problems.

  • Negative house pressure can pull the smoke from one flue down another flue right beside it. Adding the flue stretcher to the upstairs flue distances its smoke from the downward pull of the downstairs flue.
  • By putting the flue opening above roofs and other nearby structures you will improve draft and reduce down drafts.

45 Degree Insert Adapter Elbow
This adapter is used when your fireplace insert reline requires that you come straight up from the insert. This adapter will make a sharp bend towards the rear of the fireplace before going up through the damper and flue.

This 45 degree insert adapter elbow is an optional component. It can be used along with the straight insert adaptor should your install require. The 45 degree insert adapter elbow is made of 24-ga., 304 alloy stainless steel.

Straight Insert Adapter
This straight insert adapter is used to be placed into the rectangular opening on the top of your fireplace insert. The metal tabs on the adapter will then bend out to hold the adapter in place. A flat gasket material comes cemented on the bottom of the adapter and will form a seal. Now, any of the adapter transition pieces will easily slip into the top of the insert adapter.

Whichever transition piece you choose will not be fastened in place in the insert adapter. It will need to be able to “slip” freely by at least 2”. this allows you more flexibility which will be needed during your installation.

This straight insert adapter is 5” X 15” and made from 24 ga., 304 alloy stainless steel box and is 8” high. It is completely open at the top. If your installation does not require 8” in height, simply trim it with sheet metal sheers.

The bottom of the box has a 3 1/4” X 13 3/4” opening and has a 1/2” lip extending down from the opening.

If your exhaust vent does not mate to the bottom opening, simply use an insert adapter boot.

Offset Insert Adapter
The offset insert adapter works like the straight insert adapter with the exception of its 30 degree angle exit.

The offset insert adapter is made form 24 ga., 304 alloy stainless steel. Its underside dimensions are 5” X 15”, with a 3 1/4” X 13 3/4” opening and a 1/2” lip extending down from the opening.

Liner Insert Adapter Transition
This insert adapter transition is designed to attach to your flexible liner. It has an 8” round female opening and is 10” high.

The rectangular end of this adapter then slips into either the straight or offset insert adapter. This transition can also be used in applications where a 45 degree insert adapter elbow is required.

This adapter is 24 ga., and has 4 pilot holes on the round end in order to attach to your flexible liner.

Insert Adapter Boot

The insert adapter boot is used when your insert exhaust dimensions are substantially different from those of the straight and offset insert adapter.

Made of 18 ga., 304 alloy stainless steel and stands 3/4” high and will cover an insert exhaust vent as large as 5 1/2” X 19 1/2”.

Simply bolt this boot to the top of your insert and fit your insert adapter into it. When installing the adapter boot, be sure it is centered over the opening of the insert exhaust.

Connector Sealing Kit
When you are making a connection from a stove or insert to only the first flue tile area of your chimney, this is the kit you will need.

This connector sealing kit will block off the damper frame area for a tight connection. It allows simple and easy installation from below the damper frame.

The kit includes an insulation gasket and two pre cut galvanized sheet metal sections that adjust to fit snugly around your length of oval relining pipe. Instructions, hardware and crossbars to suspend the metal sections from the damper frame are included.

Cast Iron Boot
This cast iron boot covers your insert opening and adapts to flexible liner. The outside base is 10 1/8” wide X 15 3/8” long X 5 3/8 high. The inner dimensions are 9 1/8” wide X 14 3/4” long. The cast iron insert boot is attached by drilling and bolting or tapping and screwing it onto the insert top. Furnace cement can then be used to seal the boots base to the insert. Finally, attach the liner to the boot with self-drilling stainless screws. The detachable collar of this cast iron boot allows a 10 degree or 30 degree angle with the base. This is available in 6” or 8”.

Adjustable Offset Insert Adapter
This two piece. Adapter allows your flexible liner to be offset to the rear of an insert outlet. The offset amount is 0” to 6” and receives 6” or 8” (ID) liner. The bottom flange simply fits into the outlet of your insert. The adjustable offset insert adapter is made of 304 stainless steel and is available in 6” or 8”.

Adjustable offset insert adapter specs.
When using the 6” adapter, the rise of the adapter is going to be 4 3/4". When installing th insert and clearance of fireplace opening is minimal or less than 5” when the insert is in place. When using the 8” adapter the rise is going to be 5 1/4”. Home: The DIY Chimney Repair Resource