Pellet Stove Chimney Liner

Do you have or are planning on installing a pellet stove into an existing chimney? This is a great idea to take advantage of a chimney that already exists. But you may think since the pellet stove has an exhaust fan there is no need for a stainless steel chimney liner.

Well, for the stove to work properly, it needs to be vented into a proper sized chimney. You should purchase a pellet stove chimney liner. In most cases the vent pipe on a pellet stove is 3 inch. So if you are installing a stove and venting it into a masonry chimney that is less the 15 feet, a 3 inch stainless steel chimney liner is recommended, if your chimney is more than 15 feet in height a, 4 inch chimney liner is recommended.

The best liner would be a 304L rigid chimney liner. This rigid chimney liner is specifically designed to handle wood burning appliances only. Since it can only handle wood creosote, the price is considerably less than 316L.

This rigid chimney liner will be the best choice for your pellet stove. It will be the easiest liner to clean and give you the best performance possible.

In some cases it may not be possible to use a rigid liner, for example when the chimney has a bend in it. What is recommended in this case is smooth inner wall liner. A corrugated liner that does not have a smooth inner wall is not recommended for a wood burning appliance.