Fireplaces provide warmth, beauty and atmosphere to a room.

As with many things in life, the better educated you are as a consumer, the better your experience will be. In the case of fireplaces, the safer your experience will be too.

A Warm Introduction to Fireplaces

Fireplace History Where did they come from?

Fireplace Chimney Maintenance

Fireplace Safety Tips

Fireplace Chimneys

  • A Case for a Fireplace
  • Maximize Your Fireplace Heat-Output to Lower Fuel Bills
  • Check Your Fireplace
  • Why Does My Fireplace Smoke?
  • My Fireplace shares the Chimney with a Furnace and it is Falling Apart. Why?
  • Ventless Gas Fireplace-Taking Care of Yours
  • Corner Fireplaces
  • Cast Iron Fireplaces
  • Fireplace Liner Sizing Guide

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